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Our Books

Almost There

Almost There Almost there is a compelling true story of a young Rap Artist who went from Rapper & Producer to Record Company Executive. Ease takes you on a ride throughout his twenty-year career as an Artist trying to break into the music industry. While on the road to achieving his dreams of success, Ease not only faces betrayal by trusted friends and record executives, but faces a test of his own courage in the near death experience in the mean streets of Cali.

This heartfelt autobiography shares Ease’s accomplishments as well as his down falls, including the mistakes he made that may have cost him millions.

Intriguing and suspenseful, Ease gives u blow-by-blow details on his run-ins with the Feds and Drug Enforcement Agency investigating his label as a drug operation and front for money laundering. His brief encounters with music industry heavy weights LA & Babyface, Russell Simmons, M.C. Hammer, Ice-T, N.W.A. and the late great Roger Troutman and Notorious B.I.G. Ease also shares his thoughts on the industry as a whole, and its design to keep Artists in debt. And last but not least, Ease shares his struggle and frustrations of growing up in Dayton, Ohio once known as the Funk Capital of the world, to having no outlets to the modern-day music scene.

Initial Shock:
The Brigitte Harris Story

Since the age of three Brigitte had been tortured and raped by her father and her cousin, was beaten by a family member, and deserted by her mother. All the while her repeated cries for help went unheeded—no one listened. No family member would believe her, no government agency protected her, and no religious organization prayed with her.

Taking on a life of Goth, she attempted to hide her hurt and pain until she saw the pattern repeat itself with her small cousins. Racked with anger and frustration, she wreaked vengeance against her father which went terribly wrong and landed her in prison with a harsh sentence. When she became a pen pal with Terri Johnson a lifetime friendship was born which enabled them both to work on her case and eventually obtain her freedom. Their common endeavor now is to educate the public of the many types of pedophiles and their behaviors.


Initial Shock:
The Brigitte Harris Story

Based On a True Story

An Original Screen Play by Terri Johnson and
Adapted Story by Olivia Shannon and Lamont Patterson

Playa Step Your Game Up

The ultimate guide to being a PLAYA. From the streets of grimy South Central Los Angeles, to the neon lights of Las Vegas, Pretty Tony brings you Game. Presented in the lingo of Hustlers & Street Entrepreneurs, any hood can relate and any Wannabe or Square can learn that there are rules to the game of being a “PLAYA.”

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Playaology is the second installment of the PLAYA STEP YOUR GAME UP series ,a straight up ,no chaser look at the rules of engagement with women and playing the game of life to win.

A playa stays on top of his game. This book is the “how to guide” to stepping your game up. Pretty Tony brings his game from the streets with a twist of maturity for any man or woman looking to enhance their chances of winning in the game of life.

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Who is she & What is she to you?

“WHO IS SHE AND WHAT IS SHE TO YOU” is the final book of the “PLAYA STEP YOUR GAME UP” trilogy by top selling author Pretty Tony. Written from the mindset of a playa, the book offers an easy to read guide to better understand the nitty gritty of ATTRACTION, ATTENTION, and DEVELOPMENT OF RELATIONSHIPS. The author offers an urban perspective to the age old quest of men trying to understand women by firstly examining themselves with honesty. The rules of engagement with the opposite sex have never been made this simple. By simply following the advice laid out in this book and using the proven methods, it will open up a world of understanding and take any man’s game to a whole new level. This is not a learning book about learning to be a playa, this is a book that shows that to even be in the game, you’ve got to have game.

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